5 best apps for Freelancers that everyone will love

Freelancing is a movement. Popular among designers, writers and digital marketers that crave the freedom of working for themselves, from wherever they please. Mummy (and Daddy) creatives can juggle the little ones from home spending quality time and saving a fortune on childcare fees. When your equipment is your computer monitors and you can reach clients around the globe, time and organisation is of the essence and often the difference between success and struggle.

Here are our top five essential apps for busy freelancers, some are Freelancer specific and others apply to anyone who needs to track their time, their finances or just keep organised.

1. Wave Apps
Used by more than 2 million freelancers and businesses, wave is award-winning Accounting and bookkeeping software. And it’s free! There is a paid version of course; but for most freelancers the free version will suffice. Integrate the system with your paypal and business accounts, accept credit card payments and issue professional invoices, estimates and receipts. Wave will chase payments, track expenses and manage your taxes and employees!
Wave App
2. Samepage
This fantastic messaging and document management app for teams makes collaborative work a dream. Communicate better with your clients and complete your jobs quicker with less fuss!

Samepage App

3. WriteRoom (Mac) & Darkroom (PC)
Focus on your writing projects with these full screen writing tools. Just you and the page without a million other distractions. Fall into that headspace where words just flow. No need to worry about constantly saving your document as it saves as you go; and your writing will pop up immediately where you left off when you reopen the program.

Whiteroom for Mac

4. Mindmeister
Mind map like you mean it. Very reasonable plans if you’re a serial mind-mapper. Easy to use, create neat mind maps faster and store with your files rather than piles on your desk.


5. Top Tracker
Even when not working hourly, its good practice to track your time and get a retrospective look at where your time is being spent so you can audit your productivity. This free app was developed by a top freelancing network specifically with freelancers in mind. TopTracker gives freelancers complete control over what gets tracked and how often.

Top Tracker

Tools, resources and gadgets will only get you so far in the freelancing world. Your dedication, hard work and great product is the real bread-winner and your most prized asset.

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