How well do you know your iPad? 8 tricks and tips we love

Apple’s iPad has been in our lives for about 6 years now. If you ran out and bought one when they were first released, or if you’ve just entered the iPad world, you may not be aware of some tips, tricks and operating shortcuts that have been included in newer models.

Some of these features may only apply when you buy iPad air or Pro. We hope you discover a small revelation that brings you and your iPad even closer.

Use your iPad as a second monitor

When one screen just isn’t enough, you can use a third party app such as Duet Display and Air Display which allows you to use your iPad as a second monitor.

Get to the top of the screen by tapping the bar at the top

If you’ve been so immersed in a page that you’ve scrolled into oblivion, you don’t have to frustratingly flick your way to the top of the page. Just tap the bar where you find the time display and jump back to the top.

Bring up multi-tasking bar without double-clicking home

It’s a good habit to get used to gestures on your iPad. Instead of constantly double clicking the home button, use a four-fingered swipe upwards to bring up your multitasking bar and down to hide it.

Pinch to go home

It’s so easy when you know how. Simply pinch the screen with five fingers to return to the Home screen. You’re welcome.

Convert the keyboard to touchpad

We’ve all been frustrated when trying to place the cursor while typing. Now you can turn the keys into a virtual touchpad by moving two fingers over the keyboard on your screen while typing.

Keyboard Characters

Find accents such as the acute accent over the e in café simply by holding down the e.

Hold down comma to find the single inverted comma, hold down full stop to find the double inverted commas.

Mute or lock rotation? Your choice!

Your side switch used to be for locking rotation only, now you can head to general settings and choose whether you’d like your side switch to mute or lock rotation.


This should be the first thing you do when you’ve customising your iPad. If you have children you have likely found your device in a completely unrecognisable state many times. Under General Settings you can stop certain apps from being used, changes being made and restrict what content can be viewed.

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