Advantages of Buying a Used Laptop and How to Go About it

Most of us have purchased a used car without batting an eyelid, why can the thought of buying a second hand computer make us break out into a cold sweat.

Don’t let internet horror stories discourage you; they may or may not have been strategically placed by people selling new laptops. Simply follow these common sense tips to ensure your laptop buying is a safe and savvy experience.

Used Laptops Australia

Know the difference between used and refurbished

Be aware of the possible variance between used and refurbished. A ‘used’ laptop may not have undergone any checks or reconditioning prior to selling. Refurbished laptops should have been restored to an ‘as new’ condition. Often refurbished laptops will be ex demo or unopened products and come with a good warranty. Unless you have the tech know how to recondition a laptop yourself, we recommend a used laptop that has been lovingly refurbished by an expert.

What do you need the laptop for?

While everyone can benefit from buying a second hand computer, there are times where you simply should buy a used laptop. Are you investing in your child’s first computer? Are you getting Granny connected? Are you upgrading your small business reception or office computers? There are considerable savings to be made on ex government computers. Government systems are typically upgraded every three years and have often enjoyed a pampered 9-5 lifestyle in a clean air conditioned environment.

Choose a reputable seller / website

Put some time into researching where your second hand computers are coming from. While you may find a ridiculously cheap deal on eBay or Gumtree, there is the element of ‘buyer beware’ and may be little to fall back on should you be unlucky enough to come across a less than honest seller or if your purchase gets mysteriously smashed into a million pieces during ‘transit’. Online stores are a fantastic avenue to avoid the overheads add-on from your bricks and mortar stores; but try to find a company such as The Computer Market that provide real after sale support, service and a full 12 month warranty.

The greatest advantage of buying a used laptop is the opportunity to get your hands on a computer with much higher specs for a much lower price and avoid feelings of guilt, bankruptcy or worse, skimping on what you really wanted and getting a lesser product! You can also invest in a ridiculous amount of ‘where have you been all my life’ accessories with the money you save, to fully customise and truly love your laptop.

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