BYOD is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. It allows for more flexible hours without the risk of reduced productivity. This is something millennial employees have come to expect. Through access to data outside of office hours employees have faster and better connectivity and collaboration on a device they’re comfortable with – their own.


There are a myriad of reasons as to why BYOD is a great idea. BYOD in schools is better preparing students for the workforce. Students will be using mobile devices in their careers. Kids spend hours on their devices outside the classroom, so educators can use that to their advantage. Homework, projects, educational books and games can all be accessed by students on their own device whenever they wish.


Schools with a BYOD policy in place make considerable savings on technology costs. For students and their families it’s an investment into their future. To save on the outlay, families can always look at second-hand or refurbished devices within the guidelines the school specifies.  

If your school or workplace is planning to adopt a BYOD policy, it’s important to set well thought through and clear guidelines on the type and specifications of device employees or students are required to obtain. Students and employees need to study closely the wifi connection requirements, and ensure they meet processor, storage, memory and performance minimums and preferred software requests.


Once you know exactly what you MUST have you can shop for your new technical friend for the office, or classroom. We recommend these three products for a smooth move into BYOD (that won’t break the bank).



AppIe Macbook Pro 13-inch $750 Ideal for the office

Compact; but powerful. In the workplace you want your BYOD to be fast and robust enough to handle large files and software systems. You’ll need a webcam for remote meetings, good connectivity and plenty of USB ports.

Apple iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi Cellular $595.00: perfect for schools

Small enough to fit in the school bag, and won’t weigh students down. It is recommended to insure your device, as it’s common for students to misplace them. (Along with their hat, jacket, shoes and everything else.)

HP EliteBook 840 G3 Notebook $2,799.00 when you mean business.

Highly configurable, powerful and secure for today’s business. Collaborate and keep productive in and out of the office with enterprise-class performance technology.


Laptop or Tablet for BYOD?


In the workforce this depends on the work you’ll be doing, and for school you want a device that can grow with your child into new school years. Tablets are the cheaper, smaller and lighter option. They are intuitive and easy to use; but if you’re required to do a lot of typing, you may need an external keyboard. Laptops come in many forms. MacBooks, notebooks, ultraportables. They can be as powerful and robust as you need or small, lightweight and generally cost effective. Hybrid computers are becoming popular in the workplace. They combine the functionality of a laptop with the versatility of a touch screen tablet. They’re a little more on the costly side; but they offer the best of both worlds for various work/school activities.

The future is technology and it’s well and truly here. We predict that BYOD will soon be the norm in every workplace and school.

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