Apple vs. Dell

Apple has successfully created a cult-following when it comes their products. They have managed to market their brand and a certain lifestyle attached with Apple that make their products seem absolutely irresistible. However, Dell seems to be stepping up with their new laptop designs and features, and is a great cheaper alternative to other expensive brands. So how do you decide which one is better? Should you just follow the Apple fandom or attempt to discover how Dell laptops have significantly improved?

When deciding which laptop you should purchase, there are several factors you need to consider such as components, display, design, performance, and of course, the price. Also, the purpose will dictate the type of machine you should get. If you need a gaming laptop, or a device for your business, you will have to opt for a machine with a more powerful processor.

To make your decision easier, here is everything you need to know about MacBooks and Dell laptops.


Some of Dell’s budget-friendly laptops come with favorable dual-core processor systems. And the newer high-end models use the latest generation of quad CPUs. You will also find that the battery of a Dell laptop is not only cheaper but keeps the laptop running for a longer time.

MacBooks, on the other hand, start with Core m3 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD, and go up to Core i5, 8GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. Needless to say, these devices are much more expensive, even though their performance might not operate at higher levels. Of course, you can customise your Apple device by adding more RAM or storage but that will also incur additional costs. Apple products are also famous because of the fact they are resilient and work perfectly for years so they turn out to be a good investment.



While Dell laptops now provide HD and Full HD panels along with displays with and without touch, Apple is still on the top of the list when it comes to sharp displays. The MacBook’s 12-inch display sports retina sharpness at 2,304 x 1,440 resolution, enjoying an even wider color gamut. Apple laptops utilize True Tone technology for best images and brightness ratings of 300 to 500-Nits. In layman’s terms, this means that your images will be clearer, brighter and seem to pop right out of your screen!


Let’s face it, aesthetically, both brands have definitely been upping their design game. Also, both Apple and Dell build their displays with high-quality materials, with the Mac living up to its usual impeccable standard, and Dell laptops are not far behind. Mac, however, falls a little short with limited ports. With the newer Mac models, it has become almost essential to buy an adapter with it as they are transitioning to using all USB-C cables and ports. This is a bold move and while purchasing an adapter is an extra price to pay, it looks both seamless and beautiful when you can match all your other Apple products with your Mac.

While both brands now make lighter and thinner machines, which makes them easy to carry, it still depends on the type of RAM you choose and the screen size you decide on. Even though lots of laptops brands are now designing their devices more elegant than ever, when it comes to style and appearance, Apple is still a number one choice to millions of users.


The standard price of a Mac ranges from $1300 to over $3000 (if you get all the additional bells and whistles). On the other hand, the Dell devices ranges from $900 to $2010. Therefore, depending on the type of laptop you want for your needs, Dell is a cheaper option than Apple.

However, if you still want to purchase a high-end model, you can always opt for a refurbished or second-hand device. Usually, these machines have been returned due to mechanical or software malfunction and repaired by a manufacturer. Now, they are working perfectly, and you can purchase them for a more affordable price. There are plenty of places that offer this option, like us! We’ve got a range of brands and products that we have refurbished and recycled which not only saves you cash, but helps save the environment from excess landfill!



The MacBook’s performance is focused largely on being very quiet with its fanless design. Both laptops use PCIe SSDs, allowing easier access and data saving. While both brands have nearly the same battery life, a Dell can run longer if you decrease resolution.

Moreover, Dell is more focused on speed and efficiency, while Apple’s emphasis is on quiet performance and longer battery life. So while you should choose on what best suits your needs, either option is great and will serve its main purpose.

The Bottom Line

The latest laptop models from Dell and Apple’s ranges offer outstanding pieces of equipment, both boasting exceptional performance and design. The brand will you choose depends on whether you need the device for school, designing, photography or just emails. However it is important to keep in mind the battery life, the image quality and most importantly, you must consider your budget.

If you have any queries or want to find more information, give us a call on 1300 888 448 and we can help explain anything you’re unsure of or guide you towards purchasing your new shiny device. Alternatively, shop online or visit our store to get affordable tech today!

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