Photography Apps

With the rise of mobile devices and technology being such an integral part of our everyday lives, we are seeing more and more people documenting their days and sharing their lives online via visual platforms through videos or photos. For a lot of people, taking the photo doesn’t simply end there and a lot of the times we rely on other apps or software to enhance our pictures.

Picture this (yes, pardon the pun): You’ve taken a picture with your phone’s standard camera and you’re ready to upload it to social media…. But hesitate because it looks… dull, bland, maybe even overexposed? We’ve all been there, so what do you do? Simply upload your boring, bland picture into an editing app on your phone, give it a few tweaks, apply some filters and voila! A dazzling image that’s been finely tuned and worthy of being on your social media profile.

But it can’t be that easy, can it? Well, thanks to the Apple App Store and Google Play store, there is an abundance of innovative, creative and fun apps that can help you transform your images from drab to fab. You can download these onto your device – bonus points if you purchase second-hand from TCM (but more on that later). So here are our top 8 picks for best photography apps to elevate your pics:

          1.VSCO (FREE)

VSCO is one of the most popular apps for applying ‘presets’ to your photos. The VSCO presets are basically options which you can use to enhance the look of your picture with a single tap! You can change the intensity of the preset once you choose it and further add grain or even a border for your image. There are other in-app purchases you can add on, however, it works fantastically as a free version as well. VSCO has a gallery and even journal space where you can save and upload your images to create a log of all your creations. This is a great way to showcase all your edits and share some inspiration to the VSCO community.

         2.Adobe Lightroom (FREE)

Adobe Lightroom has got to be the most capable editing app available for users. Similar to VSCO, Lightroom enables you to apply presets or filters to your images however it goes way beyond just tapping a single button. In Lightroom, you can upload your own presets, download other people’s presets but also adjust them significantly more within the editing interface. Lightroom allows you to change more than just the intensity of your preset… you can change the exposure, highlights and lowlights, contrast, temperature, vibrance, saturation and much more. Not to mention you can even change the texture, clarity, grain and details which include noise reduction, sharpening and smoothness.

Can you believe all those features are FREE? You do have the option of purchasing other premium features like the perspective tool which helps you fix and adjust the image to straighten it geometrically, a selective adjustment which helps you edit with precision, and even a healing brush tool which can remove parts of an image.

          3.Adobe Photoshop Fix (FREE)

Coming off the back of Lightroom, Adobe’s free Photoshop Fix (the desktop version’s significantly easier to use app) is a great app that specifies in distorting, removing elements or ‘fixing’ your photos where they need it. You can do a variety of things like cropping your image, adjust, liquify, heal, smooth and defocus it too if that’s what you want to do! You can also adjust the exposure, contrast, warmth, saturation and shadows with this app, however, the other specific colour editing abilities are limited.

If you’re looking for an app to remove image imperfections or even smooth out elements of your picture, Photoshop Fix can do it all!

Photography Apps

          4.Lapse It (FREE)

This is a creative app that lets you capture time-lapse and stop motion videos. By stitching together various images and even allowing you to add a background soundtrack overtop, this app enables a smooth time-lapse of any landscape or environment you’re recording.

You can schedule the app to start and stop filming automatically and can do a lot of post-production editing like cropping, including a timestamp feature and much more. It’s important to note that while you get a taste with the Lapse It app, there is a premium paid app where you can unlock better features and elevate your time lapses!

          5.Enlight (subscription access)

While there have been various iterations of the Enlight app, the latest version is an all-encompassing app… but it comes at a price.

You can apply filters, change the colours, overlay text, paint and scribble all over your images if you want. There is really nothing you can’t do with Enlight however, some people find apps like these too confusing and overwhelming. But if you’re serious about your photo editing and want to use cool effects like double exposures and glitch art, it might be worth considering getting the subscription access to Enlight! They are billed monthly or annually depending on what you prefer and can be cancelled anytime.

          6.TouchRetouch ($2.99) 

Do you have an unwanted sign or object that disrupts your content? This is a unique app that specifically helps you to retouch your image. You can do things like retouch blemishes on your skin, remove lines or streaks that block the focal point of your image, light posts that are distracting or anything else that you might deem as irrelevant or unwanted.

The app claims to have ‘one-touch fixes’ and a ‘single-flick line removal’ which makes editing sound like a breeze. So maybe if you’re not as technologically gifted to use Photoshop Fix’s advanced features, TouchRetouch could be the app for you.

Photography Apps

          7.Afterlight – Photo Editor ($35.99)  

Instead of having to pay for a subscription, Afterlight 2’s newest update allows a one-off payment of $35.99 to give you complete access to a wide variety of tools and features to make your images look powerfully transformed. There are cool ways to spice up your images with light leaks, overlays, adding textures and even different frames or borders to set your pictures apart.

You can also add Afterlight 2 which is a feature that helps you edit your images straight from your camera roll and without having to go into the actual app. Talk about integrated!

          8.Magic Hour (FREE)

If you’re a keen photographer, you would’ve heard of something called ‘magic hour’ or ‘golden hour’. Magic hour is a certain period of time in the afternoon where there is a hazy, golden glow that enhances your images. It can create stunningly warm and beautiful pictures, and this app works to easily track when magic hour is occurring so you can be prepared to go out and take pictures. With an easy to use interface and the ability to change your location, Magic Hour makes sure you never miss the perfect shot ever again!

Buying From TCM

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