Best Tech Gift Guide For 2019: Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones This Christmas

It’s that time of year again where Mariah Carey and Michael Buble’s carols are played across shopping centres nationwide. Where decorations and smoked ham line shelves in groceries. And when children, and big kids too, are putting items down on their wish list. Yes. We’re talking about Christmas.

While it’s important to spend quality time with your loved ones over this holiday season, you’re bound to splash out some serious cash on presents, secret Santa gifts or even just random items because… why not? But not everyone can afford extravagant expenses! So we’ve compiled a list below of the best tech gifts to buy your loved ones, from the ultimate gamers to the athletes, you’ll find a gift suitable for each member of your family.


If you know someone who spends hours on end playing games and chatting to their online teammates, you’ve got yourself a gamer. If you wanted to really spoil them this year, you could get them one of the best gaming devices on the market. However, while these can get quite expensive there are definitely some more affordable options out there.

Best Tech Gift Guide For 2019: Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Here at The Computer Market, we sell Ex Lease Tablets, Smartphones and Laptops which are great for someone who wants the ultimate gaming experience but without the big price tag. While these aren’t super high-spec laptops specifically for gaming, refurbished tech are electronic goods that have been wiped repaired and sold at a really great price. They are as good as new and come with a warranty! This would be a great option if they’re into Fallout 4, Celeste or Cuphead!

If you know someone that plays a lot on their phone, it might be worth looking into buying them a portable charger or power bank. These small devices are an external battery source which you can plug into your phone to charge it on the go. While this is a great gift for someone who loves playing games, it’s also an awesome option for someone who loves travelling, is always commuting or someone who just hates running out of charge.

Home Bodies

During the Christmas period, the house can tend to get overcrowded and incredibly messy with guests. And sometimes we want to spend less time cleaning and more time with our relatives! The best gift to give for your hostess/host is a Smart Cleaning Vacuum. This little helper is the gift that your loved one didn’t know they needed. They glide across the floor, automatically cleaning up any crumbs and mess. What’s even better is that they have in-built infrared sensors which help them avoid obstacles like table legs and couches so all you have to do is turn it on and let it do its thing!

vacuum gift idea

Another great gift idea is to help your loved one by investing in a home security system… or better yet, add it to your own wish list! With everyone meeting up at your place for Christmas, there’s nothing better than knowing your house is secure with the best home security. For those you want to stay protected and as well as connected, these home security cameras will alert you of any unusual activity through your smartphone. If only Kevin’s house had a home security system to help him in Home Alone….

The last idea for anyone that loves their home is to gift them with an air purifier or portable aircon unit to keep them cool during the summer! Especially with all the smoke from the bush fires across Australia, an air purifier will help filter out all the toxins and a portable aircon is great for people who live in apartments or like feeling cool at all times, without having to pay a costly energy bill!


For those who like to stay in shape or just want to test their limits, these fitness trackers will guide your loved one through every step they take. It’s a good device to help you shred those unwanted calories gained from the festive season. You can get smartwatches or fitness trackers for under $150!

wireless earphones

Another great purchase are wireless or Bluetooth earphones. This is a great present for runners who like the freedom of going the distance without annoying wires getting in their way or the earplug itself falling out. Some brands even use sweat-proofing technology to eliminate your tech from getting damaged. There’s a variety of durable earphones on the market if you know where to look! Bonus: this gift idea doubles for any of music lovers! Good quality headphones can make all the difference when listening to new tracks and zoning out on that daily commute.

Health Nuts

The next few gifts are for your loved ones that love to cook and keep healthy! While you could get them a cookbook or a tea towel, it might be time to think outside the box and give them something they probably don’t have! First in this segment is a Herb Garden! These come in all different shapes and sizes, are perfect for the kitchen bench. This nifty gift is great because it is the gift that keeps on giving! If you nurture your herbs and grow them with the built-in LED light system, these little gardens will provide you with herbs for life!

herb garden

The other option for your healthy family member is an Air Fryer. These appliances make cooking healthy a breeze! They easily and healthily air fry potatoes, fish and any other snacks you might traditionally make by deep-frying. It works with the power of convection heating which gets the hot air to move quickly around the machine to perfectly crisp your meal with significantly less oil!

Movie Buffs

smart tv gift guide

If your loved one needs more clarity when comes to movies, why not give them a smart TV for Christmas! The difference between a normal TV and a smart TV is that the smart TV has access to WiFi and has the ability to run other apps like Netflix, Safari and any other app you might use on your phone. This makes it incredibly easy to streamline all your services to the living room! Nowadays smart TVs can be cheaper than you’d expect with some costing as little as $200.

Maybe you’re thinking… ‘damn, but my loved one already has a smart TV!’ To complement their device already and to give them the ultimate movie experience, how about gifting them with surround sound speakers to truly amplify audio elements? This is a great way to take their screen time to the next level! Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the gift too when you get invited over to their next movie marathon!

The Adventurer or Pro Photographer

If your family member loves the great outdoors or even just likes documenting their adventures, then action cams are the way to go. Since Go Pros first exploded onto the market back in 2004, Action Cams have been hitting the shelves at a fraction of the price. So, if you have some adventurers in the family, have a look at the specs and prices of all the action cams under $100.

action camera gift

If they aren’t into doing all the action themselves, you could opt for a drone as the perfect gift! These devices are amazing for capturing scenic landscapes and for anyone that likes to experiment with photography but hasn’t taken the plunge yet. Kmart has a good variety of drones that won’t break the bank. They are suitable for any age and simple to use and can also be controlled via a Smartphone App.

drone gift christmas

Merry Christmas!

Whichever you decide to get, be mindful of what you’re buying! Christmas is not only about the gifts and just because they don’t break the bank, doesn’t mean they’re not from the heart. The best presents are the ones that are important to your loved ones. After all, it’s the thought that counts! The Computer Company’s quality tech products and services will help any family members with their tech gifts. Contact the specialists for more information about any tech gifts for your family.

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