We understand that in the current climate in today’s society, we as businesses, need to be more versatile, more creative, more aware and safe, and provide safety measures for each and every one of our employers. Given what we know today is that we need to reassess our current processes and procedures to align with our workforce and the current social situation.

We’re here to help! We understand each budget is different and is strongly needed in this time to be used it the best way possible to cater for all staff, whether it be, setting up staff to work from home, release some superflux technology to contribute to the budget, or just simply a good time to do an office clean of old technology that is just taking up space, we are here to help.

We at The Computer Market are here assisting businesses, in the following ways;

  • We sell used technology. Quickly have your team set up remotely for a fraction of the cost aligning with your budget.
  • We buy used technology. Have your old, unwanted technology assist with the some of the costs associated to today’s climate.
  • We keep your information private. We are certified when it comes to data wiping and/or ethical destruction of E-Waste meaning your data will never fall into the wrong hands.
  • We operate nationwide. I believe this one speaks for itself, where ever you are in Australia, we will collect and/or deliver.

If any of the above mentioned points suit a particular requirement for your business, please feel free to ‘click’ on the icons below.

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On behalf of The Computer Market, we do hope this time has a minimal to no impact for your business and a safe outcome for you and your dedicated team of employees and colleagues. We only hope the best outcomes within this time and wish you the very best in all future your dealings.

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