TYI – Get The Most Out of IT Trade-in for Business

If your business or company is considering an IT upgrade, trading in your current equipment is a great time-saving, environmentally friendly alternative to tossing your tech, trying to sell your computers online or auctioning your old equipment.

When most busy managers and entrepreneurs finally succumb to the IT guys’ endless pestering for new equipment, we tend to think only of trading in the main components of our IT, the computers. A more comprehensive technical overhaul could see you making significant savings on your new purchases. It’s a great opportunity to convert to cash some of the old equipment that may be collecting dust in the back cupboard.

Sell your Computers

Think outside the square regarding what tech you can offload within your organisation. Many IT trade-in companies will take a variety of items including the following;

  • Cash for computers
  • Company mobile phones
  • Wireless equipment
  • VOIP phones, wireless phones or digital phones and phone systems
  • Tape libraries and storage systems
  • Network hardware (Cisco HP procurve) firewalls, gateways
  • Servers including Dell, HP, IBM & white box
  • Enterprise IT infrastructure

It may seem a little daunting to try and execute a complete system upgrade at once; you need to ensure you’ve covered all the bases with your new equipment to assist in a smooth and speedy transition. Don’t be overwhelmed, with the help of the Trade-in Company and good coffee, your IT guy will be overjoyed to compile the ‘must have’ new equipment list and handle much of the trade-in process of your second hand IT.

Trading in and upgrading all your equipment in one hit can save you a huge amount of time in staff training and allow you to comprise a more detailed and precise inventory to keep track of some of your company’s most important assets.

Reap the benefits of increased productivity, the buzz of excited staff and enjoy the novelty of a happy IT guy skipping around the office revelling in the enjoyment of his new techy ‘toys’.

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