It can be increasingly difficult to learn how to run a corporation or small business on your computer especially when your tech isn’t cooperating. Are you losing clients? Not sure if you’re getting the viewership you need for your content? Don’t know where to start with your business anymore? Because we aren’t all tech aficionados, we tend to find companies to do all the hard work for us. Regardless of what industry your business is in, educating other people about IT business support and what it means for you is imperative. That’s why we compelled a list of the best 10 tech support companies for your small business.

However, if you’re an established small business looking to expand, we also have the top three corporate companies that can help you make your dreams a reality. It’s more than just hiring, measuring the books, retaining investments and developing key areas, but about striving for success and achieving realistic goals. In some cases, companies don’t realise that there are businesses who specialise in helping you achieve business potential. In this case, we’ll show you the top ten best companies from tech support to prevent more costly mistakes for your business (should you ever find yourself in this position).

Top Ten Tech Support Companies For Your Business.

1. Apple

Founded in 1976, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The US tech company deals with both Linux and iOS software and hardware for both iPhone and Mac compatibility. In terms of customer support, according to, it is the No. 1 in supporting Apple Mac owners/users. Apple is amongst one of the big four tech companies along with Amazon, Google and Facebook. Apple support provides one of the fastest turnarounds for repairs and replacements as well as licencing.

2. Samsung

Since 1938, Samsung was once and still is a trading company in South Korea where they continue to expand their goods into the tech market. These days, Samsung is renowned for producing high-end smartphones such as the Galaxy and the Note Series and also assists with Windows and Android software. Their hardware, on the other hand, is mainly for Android compatibility which is what most businesses use due to its accessibility. Their range includes Notebooks, ATIV Books and has partnered with HP to produce high-quality printers. Overall, they do offer excellent tech support from replacements, repairs and even replenish stock.

3. Lenovo

Opened in 1984, China and is headquartered in Beijing, it is a multinational tech company distributing personal and business hardware and IT management software. The tech company offers great value for money with good quality technology for businesses who trade on a budget. From workstations to monitors, Lenovo covers almost every aspect of IT provides sufficient tech support with replacements and warranties.

4. HP

Founded in California, USA, 1939. Hewlett Packard Company specialises in developing hardware and software components. Supplies printers and ink toners through HP Business Solutions which is commonly used due to their quality of support and product services. They also offer warranties on all products and services including replacements and repairs. The revenue generated from HP as of 2019 is $58 billion. Not bad for a printer tech company.

5. Fujitsu

Established in June 1935 as a telecommunications equipment manufacturer and are a Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company in Tokyo. They launched its first computer in 1961 and are now labelled Fujitsu Network Communications Inc. With over 15,000 support engineers in over 180 countries, Fujitsu offers a range of opportunities for both businesses and homes. They also offer businesses and homes in quality comfort with their renowned air conditioning products and services.

6. Dell

Founded in 1984, Dell is a multinational computer technology company, named after its founder, Michael Dell. The tech company comprises of Software licences to diagnostics and tools for both domestic and business use. Dell is also recognised for developing the high-end Alienware laptops which have helped gaming companies all over the world produce quality gaming content. Their support services consist of both hardware and software including accessories and warranties.

7. Metabox

In 1998, Metabox specialised in consumer electronics for the multimedia industry including the first electronic devices that produce internet TV streaming. Now, they are Australia’s No.1 gaming choice for laptops, specialising in gaming software and hardware. Metabox once made PowerPC Cards for both Apple and Macintosh computers in the early years. These days, they manufacture high-end gaming computers on budget price tags. If you’re a gaming developer wanting to step up, Metabox will offer you all the support you need right here in Australia.

8. Asus

AsusTeK Computer Inc. was founded in 1989 in China. Now based in Taiwan, the computer giant has also expanded to smartphones and hardware electronic. Asus specialises in WiFi Routers, networking equipment and monitors and has created the highly successful Vivo smartwatches. Support services range from all in one PC’s, monitors to laptop diagnostics.

9. Microsoft

Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.Microsoft is one of the largest technology companies in the world and is considered the most valuable trading company on the stock market. As you would expect, they typically specialise in software and hardware services with creations such as Windows and Microsoft Office. Their innovative software has helped support millions of developing businesses globally since 1985. Their current revenue as of 2019 is worth USD 125.8 billion.

10. Acer

Founded in Taiwan in 1976, specialising in advanced technology in Desktop PC’s, Laptops PC’s, Tablets, Servers, Displays and Smartphones. Since then, it has become the largest shareholder of AOPEN Inc. in 2017. Acer also manufactures the popular gaming brands such as Predator and Concept D Hardware. Tech support includes a Community-based provider, drivers and manuals, and also warranties. Acer has everything you need to get your business on the right track.

Top Three Corporate Tech Support Companies For Your Business.

1. ELMO Software

Founded in 2002, it has over 2 million users across the Asia Pacific specialising in HR and Payroll services including integrated talent management that relies on building a strong business strategy one block at a time. ELMO software provides HR Cloud technology for large corporations through to small businesses. The software assists companies in employee attendance, rostering and payroll solutions. The HR tech support also offers businesses the potential to earn up to $5k per lead when they participate in the Partner Referral Program (PRP). This means when a business refers other partners to ELMO, this then gives the new client an opportunity to benefit from the software whilst the ELMO client earns at least $5k to invest in other areas of their business. The program is a very good incentive and creates good PR for ELMO and an even larger client base.

2. Link Group

Market’s leading admin group supporting over 10k clients and was established in New Zealand as a joint venture with the NZX (New Zealand Stock Exchange) in 2005. Since then, it has experienced significant growth both domestically and globally. Link Group mostly specialises in driver user engagement, analysis and developer insight through their administration technology. Security registration is Link’s core element whilst also offering businesses to strengthen other developing areas such as:

  • Corporate markets: Helping business to succeed in the corporate world.
  • Superannuation and retirement solutions: Assisting employers and employees by securing the right superannuation without compromising their contracts.
  • Technology and operation solutions: Allowing businesses to achieve their goals with the right software and hardware plus market strategies to improve market growth.

3. Appen

Founded in Sydney, New South Wales in 1996 by Dr Julie Vonwiller who was a linguist. Appen is now a global leader in linguistics, artificial intelligence and machine learning products and a trading company with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The aim is to enable businesses to enhance their products and services worldwide and uses a platform to perform such marketing tasks like:

    • SEO: Search optimisation putting any business on a wider platform through the use of keywords.
    • Social media marketing: Allows companies to reach out to a wider audience through social media and social interaction.
  • Voice recognition: Enables quality security through machine learning services.
  • Sentiment analysis: Quality feedback from users allows Appen to review and navigate their client’s business to reach their set targets.
  • eCommerce assistance: Assists businesses in executing transactions and oversee the data of buying and selling online.

From consultative services, field testing to linguistics and speech data transcription, Appen’s services gives any company the opportunity to optimise their business to secure their leadership and recognition within the market.

Final Thoughts…

Whatever the industry, whatever the experience, no matter which department is in needs of support, the top ten tech services and top three corporate services for businesses are there to help you with whatever you need. But if you need some immediate assistance with other tech support and more information about the list above, contact the guys at TCM for more information.

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