How to switch from PC/Windows to Mac

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Are you a long-time windows user considering the switch to the Apple Mac? Seems like everyone’s doing it and not looking back. Making the switch can be daunting, especially when juggling a busy life/workload. Here are some tips to help ease you into the new world of the Mac.

Familiarise yourself with the Mac OS X or OS Sierra depending on how new and spiffy your system is. Spend as much time as you can playing with the system at an apple store and pick the experts brains as much as possible. We recommend doing this before you’ve ditched your old PC so you can take your time getting to know the Mac OS. Avoid switching during a busy work period where you need to be up to speed with your computer. Chill out and find your way around so you can really enjoy and get the most out of your new toy

Moving data from PC to Mac

This can be daunting for those that are technically challenged. You’ll need to get to know the migration tools. There is comprehensive instruction from apple on how to do this; but if you don’t trust yourself and are not keen on risking a data demolition derby, get your apple store to help you.

Setting up your new Mac

Apple will run you through the initial set up, once you survive that, click on the apple in the upper left corner then the app store.Check the updates tab and perform any updates needed. Apple regularly updates the OS and app developers keep things ticking with regular updates so ensure you don’t miss anything by setting up automatic downloads, which will run in the background.

Get your head in the Cloud

One of the best reasons to switch to Mac is the iCloud syncing. Access your photos, documents, movies, and music with your iCloud account across multiple devices. iCloud also helps you avoid crowding your hard drive. Make sure you are signed in to iCloud using your Apple ID.

Download your apps

Apple gives you plenty of programs to play with; but you will find tons of useful apps for productivity and entertainment suited to you. Head to the Mac App Store and download away. When you download an app, it is available on all other Macs synced with your Apple ID.

Now you can get Mac-ing! Enjoy.

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