There can be a bit of a negative connotation to buying ‘used’ items or receiving something second-hand. People are often getting hand-me-downs from their older siblings, whether it be clothes, technology or even old textbooks. But while used items in the past were deemed as being ‘shabby’ or ‘not as good’, the tables have turned and many people are seeing the value in purchasing used or second-hand items. The abundance of trendy op-shops, clothing apps which help users give their much-loved items a new home or even the rise of reusable shopping bags has seen millions become more environmentally aware and conscious.

With the wave of environmental concerns, knowledge and acceptance in the 21st century, recycling and being sustainable is ‘in’, and mass produced items, fast fashion and unnecessary spending is OUT.

So why does second-hand or refurbished technology still make people shy away from purchasing them? Unfortunately, the word ‘refurbished’ gives the idea that the item in question was ‘broken’ before and had to be fixed in order to be in working condition again. And while that can be the case in some instances, a lot of the times it can just be the process of inspecting software and tools of a device and ensuring that everything is still functional and as good as new.

Essentially, the only difference between a new and refurbished device is that one has been used previously. They are both the exact same in terms of working ability and will enable you to achieve the exact same outcome (given they’re the same brand and model of course).

You might now be thinking, ‘okay, they don’t seem too bad… but is it worth investing in?’. The answer is a big YES. There are three big reasons why a refurbished device, in this instance – a refurbished laptop, should be how you purchase all future technology.

Environmental Benefits

According to Cleanaway, “Every year, 44.7 million tonnes of e-waste is generated around the world… [with] the amount of global e-waste expected to increase by almost 17% to 52.2 million tonnes in 2021.” That’s staggering figures considering the types of materials (gold, silver, platinum and other raw materials) are being completely wasted and disregarded.

While some like to trade in their old devices, there are some people out there that hold on to unused or broken devices in case of a rainy day. What’s even worse is that there are many people who, rather than trading in their old devices, discard perfectly working ones as soon as a new model or gadget enters the market.

Australia is one of the highest using countries of technology so it is no shock that e-waste is a huge issue for sustainability and negative emissions, ranking below average for e-waste recycling globally.

E-waste disposal and recycling can be extremely difficult, especially when people are unaware or incorrectly adhere to proper recycling etiquette. Is it even sustainable? A great way to combat this and reduce e-waste and negative recycling is to reuse.

If your device is broken or damaged, we suggest taking it to a specialised tech company, like us, where you can either sell it or just get it repaired.

Monetary Benefits

Probably the primary reason for considering buying a refurbished/ second hand/ restored laptop is the amount of money you save. Refurbished laptops are significantly cheaper than new ones and depending on the brand or model you get, you could be saving hundreds of dollars.

Why you might benefit from a refurbished laptop:

  • You have children that require laptops or tablets for their education
  • University expenses are high as it is – buying a refurbished laptop is much more affordable
  • You need to supply your office with desktops or laptops at work
  • If you’ve been trying to save money and budget, a refurbished device is a great alternative if you want to treat yourself without the massive price tag
  • There might be a situation where your device has broken down and instead of just getting it fixed, you sell it to get refurbished and purchase a newer and different model as an upgrade

A new iPhone from Apple could set you back $780 and that’s not including a screen protector, durable case or even the Apple Care (which is definitely a must if you’re clumsy or want that extra security!).

If you were to purchase a refurbished Apple iPhone from The Computer Market, you would only have to pay $650 for an iPhone 8 with 64GB with free delivery, free online personal set up and even free returns.

Quality Benefits

Due to the very definition of ‘refurbishment’, the laptops are basically quality checked in the process. Software is cleaned and restored/ reset to near new condition. The only possible issues will be with the hardware which is, again, inspected and checked. Refurbishment is TCM’s best attempt at restoring a used laptop to factory condition.

Often the laptops are previously leased ex-government or business devices. Meaning they are kept in a relatively new condition by the nature of their previous use. Just ensure the vendor or company you are looking at getting your next tech from is reputable and has a sound warranty attached to the device. The Computer Market offers these types of devices which come from large corporations or departments.

These devices are checked and tested thoroughly to ensure it is in basically brand-new working condition. Sometimes the prices of these refurbished products can be a fraction lower than a brand new product, however, because the quality of testing is so high, the cost of saving on the device is well worth investing in.

The only device to be extremely cautious of is probably a mobile phone. It’s common knowledge that lithium-ion batteries wear out over time so sometimes retailers might not replace this battery. Make sure to ask whether or not the battery has been replaced to ensure your device is working as if it were brand new.

I’m Sold!

Investing in new technology doesn’t have to break the bank or be unsustainable. If you’ve been trying to upgrade your device or are trying to recycle and do good for the environment then purchasing refurbished products are the way to go! Even though there may be some wear and tear on a refurbished device, which is to be expected, you can be assured that the functional ability is repaired back to factory standard.

Whether it’s phones, laptops, desktops or cases, The Computer Market has a range of products that are suitable for your tech needs. The Computer Market specialises in providing IT end of life requests, IT solutions, IT purchasing and offering second-hand and refurbished equipment. Give the experts a call on 07 3256 2511 if you need help with selling, upgrading or trading!

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