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We’re huge advocates for purchasing second hand apple computers. We live in an era where you need to be a millionaire to keep on top of ever-evolving tech. Why buy a brand new MacBook when only a year after the 12in system was released, Apple released the 2016 MacBook, with another expected to hit the shelves late this month? Now everyone (including us) is already speculating about what features the 2017 MacBook may hold.

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Software on the new MacBook Pro will be exciting. New ways of interacting with the notebook include an OLED touch-sensitive menu bar that is said to replacing the current row of function keys above the keyboard. Trademark filings made by Apple publicised Sept 2016, mentioned a “Control Strip,” perhaps the name of the new feature?

Will 2017’s new MacBook have LTE connectivity?

A patent, as described by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), will enable the company to embed LTE hardware in the 2017 MacBook, making it the first cellular-enabled Mac. The patent describes the use of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, satellite and NFC connectivity.

Will the new MacBook have a Force Touch keyboard and touch ID?

Touch ID is currently a feature of the iPhone and iPad and there are whispers it could be introduced on the new MacBook Pro via integration into the power button. It emerged in 2015 that Apple had filed a patent which appeared to show the design of a Force Touch capable keyboard. Essentially, you would be typing on a surface that felt like a keyboard, but was actually electric feedback telling your brain you’re pressing keys. In theory, the keyboard and trackpad area could be customised to the users’ preferences and, for the first time, not have an actual physical keyboard. Wow.

An Apple Pencil compatible trackpad?

According to an approved patent filed by Apple, a future Mac could feature compatibility with a new and improved Apple Pencil. Said pencil is rumoured to house a number of sensors which detect movement, depth and orientation, allowing the device to be utilised as an ‘air mouse’ or gaming joystick. The buzz about Apple is that an upcoming Mac trackpad will include Apple Pencil support and allow users to draw straight onto the trackpad with the precision of the iPad Pro. Other projected improvements for the next-gen MacBook Pro include an even thinner chassis and a move from USB ports to smaller, reversible USB-C inputs. Whatever the new features, if there’s one thing Apple has taught us it’s that the possibilities are limitless. We hope you’ve enjoyed speculating with us on what future the new Macs may hold.

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