Work and Professional Use

High Sierra OS

High Sierra offers better and improved file system with built-in encryption tools, simpler backup procedure, and protection from sudden crashes.

Safari’s performance is also improved when it comes to speed and privacy. Autoplay blocking feature prevents long loading of videos when you open a webpage. Intelligent Tracking Prevention prevents boring advertisements from tracking your online activity.

Apple mail has also been improved especially the filter section.

Windows 10

Windows 10, Pro version to be precise, is specially designed for workstations and business use. It offers enhanced encryption tools, the capacity to process a large amount of data, resilient memory, faster file access and sharing.

When it comes to standard Office package, it offers ink tool for Word that allows users to delete blocks of text, and PowerPoint Designer tool that can help you create effective presentations.
Tools such as Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams provide easier communication among coworkers.

Gaming and Recreational Use

gaming and recreational use

High Sierra OS

With High Sierra OS, Apple has focused on virtual and augmented reality.

They presented Metal 2, set of tools with the purpose to take your gaming and virtual reality experience to the next level. It offers API and cool features for developers. It also makes the graphic of a game pop out. GPU support is available as well.

At spring, users will be able to use Thunderbolt external enclosures for the even better gaming experience.

Windows 10

The latest version of the Windows OS is a real treat for gamers.

Xbox app offers activity feed, DVR, and streaming from your console to the PC. If you want to purchase a certain game, you no longer have to do it separately. There is now only one store for the Xbox and your computer. Windows 10 also provides game synchronization feature.

If you press the key-G, you will activate Game Mode, and all the resources will be directed towards the game. If you hate playing solo, you will be especially glad to hear that you can connect with your friends via Mixer. Bean broadcasting software is also integrated into the operating system.

User Friendliness

High Sierra OS

The user interface of Apple operating system has always been simple, elegant, and user-friendly. High Sierra does not differ. You can put the shortcuts of your favorite apps in the Dock, menu bar, and Spotlight. Mission control option allows you to have a clear view of every program that is currently running.

You also have access to your files from every computer you are signed into. That is pretty amazing. If you are a bit of a control freak, you can even tag your files and create folders that contain files with the same tag.

When it comes to security, High Sierra uses Gatekeeper to prevent unknown software to run without user approval and Xprotect which is a built-in anti-malware program. Additionally, plugins will not work if they are not up to date.

Windows 10

Windows Explorer can help you find the file or program you need. Quick Access feature contains all of your frequently and recently used files. Microsoft also introduced Settings panel where users can customize their operating system.

The Snap option offers the option for you to split your screen into four parts with one app open in every part. You can also add contacts to the taskbar and stay connected with them all the time.

Windows 10 uses anti-ransomware software to ensure user’s security.

Default Programs and Apps

programs and apps

High Sierra OS

High Sierra offers improved photo editing functions as well as converting your images into gifs.
As already mentioned, Safari has also been improved. The browser automatically stops auto playing videos and prevents annoying adds. The feature called Reading List allows you to save something you find interesting and browse it online.

Siri is now available on Mac, and we could not be more excited. You can ask her to find you a certain file which later you can find in the Notification pane.

Windows 10

Microsoft introduced the latest feature when it comes to photos, called Story Remix. This option allows you to create a movie of your photos, similar to memories.

Microsoft Edge is faster and smarter younger brother of the old Internet Explorer. It now offers reading view option. However, it does not allow you to browse the saved pages offline. Cortana is integrated into the browser, which also allows you to use it as a PDF reader. Another great option is that you can now use the browser in a full-screen mode.

Just when we thought that Apple is one step ahead, Microsoft integrated new and upgraded Cortana into the operating system. You can use her as a reminder, personal assistant, or simply ask her about the latest news.

In short

As it seems, both Microsoft and Apple have done some major improvements to their operating systems. It still boils down to personal preferences and specific needs of the user(s) which one they choose.

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