Similar to previous years, it’s expected to see a number of variations regarding the quality of PC games. There will certainly be those with stunning features, but there will also be some complete disasters (which is always makes an interesting list). Not many games live up to our expectations, but here is a list of the most promising ones. Some of them may end up accountable for your sore eyes.

1. Monster Hunter: World


Monster hunter
Meet the most approachable Monster Hunter so far. Capcom made an excellent move making this game accessible for PC users, as opposed to previous versions that were limited to consoles. It is a world full of lush scenery and prehistoric flora and fauna, which allows friends of the primary player to drop in and help in difficult situations. The player tracks the monster with the help of scout flies that provide information about the monster’s whereabouts and suggest the best way to reach him – this is a huge plus because there is no more random irritating roaming throughout the region.

Monster Hunter: World is launched for PS4 and Xbox One. PC players will have to wait a bit, since PC edition is more demanding when it comes to matchmaking.

2. Spider-Man

spider man
Insomniac Games dared to design a PC game with one of the most favorite superheroes ever. Those who wished to be Spider-Man (or still do), will like this game. Although the PC Spider-Man isn’t tied to any particular comic or movie story, he certainly has some serious acrobatic abilities and web-slinging. The player will be able to move through the modern-day New York City parkour-ing around with a web all while beating up criminals and villains. Insomniac Games hasn’t offered any specifics on the mechanics, but it already sounds promising.

Spider-Man is not yet available for PC, but is expected to be available for PS4 during the first quarter of the year.


3. Anthem

The Anthem has an ungrateful task of debunking prejudices surrounding it, because of its striking similarity to the disappointing Destiny franchise. The player enters the Anthem’s world as a Freelancer, where he/she becomes a part of a larger group of explorers. Their aim is to guard the last group of humans in the world. Gameplay promises the users an overwhelming experience involving stunning locations, powerful weapons, customizable suits, large aliens, even threatening and demising weather conditions. A veil of enigmas still surrounds the Anthem, but the so far testimonials do not shed doubt regarding its quality.

Anthem easily runs on PC.

4. Far Cry 5

far cry 5
Far Cry 5 takes the player to the mountains of Montana, ruled by the homicidal religious cult. This action-adventure game is produced by Ubisoft Montreal. Before embarking on a mission of taking down this cult, the player can customize their character and choose gender, skin color, and the overall appearance. Furthermore, the players will also be pleased with the opportunity to select from various gadgets and protection mechanisms like pistols, explosives, hand grenades, etc. The most praiseworthy feature is Guns for Hire – allowing the players to invite local people to help them in their mission.

Far Cry 5 is supported by PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

5. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come
Warhorse Studios released Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and impressed the players with enormous attention to detail in almost every aspect. The main character is Henry – a simple and modest son of a blacksmith living in the medieval period. The player is slowly introduced to Henry’s painful story, with his parents killed before his eyes. This awakens empathy with the player, so it is very easy to slip in the game and truly identify with Henry’s desire to find and punish the villains. Unlike most of the medieval genre stories, Kingdom Come doesn’t include spells, but instead, there is plenty of old-fashion destruction.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance runs on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Final Thoughts

Based on the list of the most anticipated games of 2018 we compose, it’s clear there’s something for everyone. Of course, some of the games will not satisfy the expectations entirely, but they certainly sound worth waiting. Tiny note, though, make sure to have enough system resources for these.


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