Upgrading office equipment isn’t inexpensive, but there are ways to offset the costs. Selling the old equipment might be worth more than expected. There are a few steps suggested for safe elimination of data and determining the monetary value.

Upgrading Desktop
Step one is to delete all the personal files and information on the hard drive. Transfer all “keep” files to a new computer or disc. To accomplish total erasure of data requires a tool that guarantees the drive is wiped clean. There are many to choose from, and they are well worth the price.

What’s it Really Worth?

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. What is that old computer worth? Well, clearly there are many factors to consider here. The ability for upgrades, the amount of memory available and the basic wear and tear are all key components that can’t be easily remedied.

How Old is Too Old?

The answer depends on the user. A consumer that only wants to web surf but will not use the computer for working purposes requires less power than a professional would need. On the opposite end, it isn’t likely that a business person would purchase a used computer or used laptop if they intend to install apps that require more power. That doesn’t mean it can’t bring in a bit of revenue- but don’t expect to recoup your initial investment.

Ram and Rom

If that old thing has 2GB of ram and a dual processor, it still has life left in it for someone. Even 1GB is good for those who use it occasionally. Of course, 4GB is better and worth more on any market as it allows for video games and more intense applications to be used. That level takes the timeline to around 2011 for used computers and second-hand computers. If the used laptop or equipment is five years old or less the price will increase in the resell market.

Does Software Count

Can the software installed be a bargaining chip for more proceeds? If the End User Licensing Agreement or EULA, doesn’t prevent resale, then adding a few dollars for the program is allowed. If this is a problem then deleting them or leaving them is a personal decision. Copyright does not disallow the sale of something you purchased. It might not be much, but every penny counts.

Salvaged Parts are Worth a Few Pennies too

Parts are worthy

When the technology is too far in the past to complete with the present or the future, consider selling the parts and pieces. Numerous organizations use aged systems like schools, organizations that help underprivileged students and the government. They would welcome a list of what is available- it may be just the part they need to improve their computers structure.

Second-hand computers used laptops, and used computers are sought after by specific markets. They are available to sell the old ones too and an excellent way to upgrade the current office equipment without mortgaging the family abode.

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