TMM – Five of our favourite Macbook Accessories

There’s much to love about a Macbook. Whether you buy Macbook air or pro, we haven’t come across anyone who has reverted back to a conventional laptop after taking a bite into the Macbook apple.

Macbook Accessories

In Apples’ own words they are: “designed to match standards which don’t even exist yet.”

The mac has many personality traits that are easy to fall head over heels for: High performance boot-up, application loading and data transfer, so light you can pick it up with two fingers, high res screen, almost zero incompatibility problems with the hardware and it’s classy, sleek and looks amazing.

Although they’re almost perfect in every way, we love the great range of accessories available to help you fully customise your Macbook. Whether you’ve been dollar savvy and invested in a secondhand Macbook or splurged on the latest new system, we hope you find something amongst our list of accessories to help you get the most out of your machine.

  1. Mountie: Clip your iPad or iPhone to the side of the Macbook screen. Coupled with an app like duet, you have a flexible dual monitor set-up wherever you go.
  2. Satechi USB-C hub: Perhaps the Macbooks’ only pitfall, one USB-C port! The Satechi is a great lightweight dock that extends your connectivity capacity by three USB ports and an SD card slot. It’s also sleek and attractive in its design.
  3. Apple AirPods: Just released, these little beauties may be the beginning of our saying goodbye to the headphone jack forever! While they only have 5hrs of battery life on one charge, apple says they’re “Wireless. Effortless. Magical – and we’ll believe them. They sense when they’re in your ears and pause when taken out. Compatible across your iPhone, Apple watch, iPad or mac.
  4. Kanex MultiSync Aluminium Mac Keyboard: To compliment your Mountie, this keyboard is ideal for those that want to switch effortlessly between multiple devices. It’s comfortable, wireless, functional and attractive and can be connected to four Bluetooth devices simultaneously.
  5. Twelve South Plug Bug World: An essential tool for the traveller; featuring an extra USB port so you can power up another device, plus a five pack of international wall plugs compatible in the UK, Continental Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Japan.”

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