TCM – Second Hand Computer Buyers Guide

Congratulations! You’re in the market for a pre-loved PC. There are great advantages to purchasing used computers. Heading the list of benefits are dollars saved and the opportunity to purchase a product with much higher specifications. For those needing a little push in the right direction, we hope you enjoy our second hand computer buyers guide.

How old is ancient?

Unless you’re looking for a relic to add to your museum, do keep in mind the age of the computer can certainly affect its speed and could render it too obsolete in the fast moving market to be a sensible used purchase. While this factor will be determined also by how long you intend to keep the system before you upgrade again, a good general guide is to aim for a used system that is four years old or less.

Processor Speed & RAM

What is the intended use for your system? Most everyday general activity users will find a dual processor to be sufficient. If you intend to run high demand programs such as video games or Photoshop, perhaps a quad is better suited.

Lots of memory is nice to have in the bank; but unless you’re running a very high volume of software 4-8GB of RAM should cover most activities. New computers are currently equipped with up to 16GB of RAM

Resolution, Graphics & Ports

If you’re purchasing a used laptop you should consider the screen display. If possible, opt for a 1080p resolution. If it’s more than three years old you may need to put up with 1366 x 768. It’s not advised to go any lower than that. You could always purchase a monitor; but do check compatibility with the ports.

Integrated graphics cards are built-in and cannot be improved. Dedicated cards can be removed and upgraded. If you’re buying a system for gaming, choose the latter.

To save some heartache, it’s ideal to find a PC that has the desired ports to accommodate your other devices where possible eg. HDMI, USB, DVI, SD.

Avoid a bad deal – get a guarantee

Your Second hand computer shopping should be a safe and savvy buying experience. To help avoid dodgy deals, choose a reputable seller who has carefully cleaned, cleared and refurbished the system and offers a min 12 month guarantee.

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