How do you use two monitors?

If you are a designer, passionate gamer, or your work includes doing several tasks simultaneously, using more than one monitor can significantly increase your productivity and make your job just a little bit easier.

The gear you need for this includes:

Before purchasing a second monitor, check if your operating system supports this feature. Once the second monitor is connected to your computer, you will be able to duplicate the image or to extend it and use both displays as one.

You can easily navigate between two monitors by dragging windows and applications from one display to another. When it comes to switching your mouse to the second monitor, simply scroll it to the end of the screen, and it will automatically show up on the second display.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Two Monitors

Studies have shown that using two monitors can increase your productivity by almost 42%. You can use one monitor for your work tasks and other for communicating with your coworkers for example. Also, if you are a designer, you can run and use several programs at the same time. A second monitor allows you to compare two versions of the product you are creating – you have a preview of your progress at any given moment.

Believe it or not, using two monitors is actually good for your health. It can prevent back and neck pain if you position them properly, as opposed to using laptops in your workplace. Also, LED monitors are designed to prevent eye strain.

On the other hand…

It costs more. High-quality monitors are not cheap. But, keeping in mind that it will increase your productivity, think of it as an investment.

You might get distracted by something that is not that important at the moment (Skype or email notification for example).

The second monitor also requires extra space on your desk.

How to Set up Your Second Monitor on Windows

setup monitor

  1. Check if cable matches ports on your computer.
  2. Connect the monitor to your computer. One end of the power cable goes into the monitor, while other you should plug in the power outlet in the wall.
  3. Select the input that matches the video port you have used.
  4. Update your video driver.
  5. Adjust display resolution, colors, refresh rate, and font according to your preferences and needs. All these settings can be found in Control Panel, Display settings.
  6. Choose if you want to extend the image on both displays, use only first or second monitor, or simply duplicate the image.


How to Set up Your Second Monitor on Mac

  1. If you need to set up additional display for your Mac computer, first three steps are the same as in the previous example.
  2. In System Preferences, you can find Display tab. Click the Arrangement button and you will be presented with two displays. You can drag and arrange them as you prefer. Here you can also select your main display. Make sure to uncheck Mirror display box.



multiple monitor

Using two, or even more, monitors can be helpful if you are a designer, programmer, or a gamer. If your job requires multitasking, the additional display is a life-saver. Studies have shown that using two monitors can have a positive impact on your productivity as well as your health. Installing a second monitor is quite simple, whether you are a Windows or a Mac user.

Even though purchasing the second monitor can cost a significant amount of money (depending on the product), it is more of an investment than an expense, because due to increased productivity, it should pay off very soon.

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