Setting Up A Home Office

Setting up a home office can be an expensive endeavour if the homeowner wants everything to be brand new. The first step is to establish a budget. Consider the most important items first, like the tools needed to perform the job efficiently. Next, consider the furniture and lastly the decorations.

Setting Up a Home Office

The Tools of the Trade

The computer can be a laptop or a desktop, what is important is the operating system, memory, and the hard drive. Consider adding an external hard drive to the list- that is an excellent way to save sensitive material and memory usage. A disk drive, Bluetooth, and an HDMI port are required to run an office no matter how small. Used computers and Used Laptops are always available and should be seriously considered.

The monitor, a wireless keyboard, and mouse and obtaining Wi-Fi for online access, these are the implements that will make the office more enjoyable to use. Wi-Fi requires a high-speed modem which usually accompanies internet services. Adding a wireless router allows more devices to connect to the system.

Additionally, choose an inkjet printer that uses the least amount of ink, and allows for black and white printing if needed. Some printers use three times more ink than their counterparts and don’t include settings for saving the coloured inks.

What is the plan for communicating with other people or businesses? A cell phone can be useful, but a VoIP or voice over internet protocol is far less expensive and quite sufficient. If a tablet is in the budget, it is another great tool, but it is a convenience, not a necessity.

The Furniture

The advantage of purchasing the furniture after the Used Computer is knowing what size desk will work the best. How large are the printer and monitor, don’t buy so much your office is confined.

Office Equipment

Measure the room and the equipment and then set out to get a comfortable chair, a reasonable desk, and a few shelves. A corkboard is ideal for pinning up those quick memory minders or even a photo of someone who inspires you.

Let your budget be the guide, used furniture can be just a beautiful as new, and it’s probably better made than some modern pieces. Refinish the bits that don’t meet your standards and incorporate unusual colours or textures to enhance the ambiance. Adequate lighting is imperative, so get a small but efficient desk lamp.


It’s the little things that count and cost! With all that technology no one would expect to need items like paper, pens, pencils and paper clips. However, we are creatures of habit, and every office needs a judicious supply of tablet to write on and printing paper. Staplers, staples, and a desk protector are also considered inevitabilities by most people.

Computer Clean Up

Maintaining your Used Computer or laptop is relatively easy. Keep it clean by blowing it out with compressed air – this can be purchased by the can but by the crate is better. Don’t hesitate to ask how to open the computer and safely clean it when the purchase is made – it will increase the lifespan considerably.

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