The Computer Market has been approved as a supplier to the Victorian Government Purchasing Board eServices Register.

The eServices Register promotes more efficient delivery of ICT services to the Victorian Government. Use of the eServices Register to procure ICT professional services is mandatory for all the inner budget departments and agencies covered by the VGPB. It is available for use by all other government agencies including Local Government.

The Computer Market has years of experience working with all levels of government so we understand the processes involved and the documentation required.

Our Approved Supplier status allows us to work at the highest prequalification type for a broad range of capabilities.

Some of the benefits of working with The Computer Market on your next project are:

  • Collection and Disposal of Superfluous IT Equipment
  • Installation of the new equipment
  • Pre-Delivery imaging
  • Decommission of outgoing equipment
  • Remarketing of valuable items
  • Recycling of non-functional equipment
  • Our experience and understanding of working with a range of large and small government departments
  • Ease of access to a qualified supplier


What can be done??

Firstly, we can obtain a list, so as to pre-value and quote your computers. On agreement of the valuation, we arrange collection of the units, inspect to see if the computers are in working order and the specification described. We provide you a summary of the equipment and pay the agreed or amended amount typically within two weeks of receiving the equipment from you.

Additional information can also be found at our website:

We look forward to assisting you.

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