With the rise of wearable devices that help us at work, advancements of technology that are improving our health and even just the ongoing releases of new updates and products, it’s only natural that we also see an increase of activity in the younger generation as well. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 14.7 million users on the internet towards the end of June 2018. Since it’s been a couple of years, you can imagine that number has grown; and with it, the younger generation’s use of devices would have grown too.

But children and teens aren’t just being ‘glued to their screens’ while they’re at home. These days, schools are implementing more technology into learning techniques and encouraging an initiative called ‘Bring Your Own Device’ or BYOD. The idea simply means that students bring their own device to school and have the ability to bring it home with them, continue learning or completing homework and having all their resources on them at all times. A lot of schools are adopting this initiative because it can be expensive to fund an entire school with devices and it gives parents the opportunity to choose the device themselves depending on their budget and needs for their child.

But where do you even begin to look for a tablet? There are so many out on the market that it can be extremely overwhelming! Don’t worry – we’ve got some great options for each stage of your child’s learning journey and prices included to start off your research.

Tablets great for first-time learners

When it comes to first-time learners, colours, shapes and sounds are super important! Providing your child with a tablet can help them learn a variety of fundamental skills in phonetics, colours, numbers, reading, music and much more! Here are a couple of our top picks:

1. Dragon Touch Kids Tablet $106.99

This Android-enabled device is extremely popular as a kids tablet option on Amazon. With built-in parental controls and apps, this device is ready from the get-go. It comes with a cute (and more importantly durable) silicone case and 2GB GB of RAM with the capability to insert an extra micro SD card for additional storage so it can grow with your child. If the pre-loaded apps aren’t enough, it’s also wifi-enabled so you can download more apps from the Google Play Store.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tablet A 10.1″ Wi-Fi 32GB 2019 Kids Bundle $349

While this is more on the pricier side, you know you’ll get quality with Samsung products. With surround sound and a dual speaker system, you get a much more immersive experience that the whole family can enjoy. Even though it comes loaded with the Samsung Kids Home app and has parental controls, the tablet isn’t restricted to kids-only use! This Galaxy Tablet has cameras, great screen display and even comes with headphones.

Tablets for middle school kids

When your kids enter middle school, their learning gets a little more advanced. Their tech needs to match their learning so devices should also be a little more advanced to help them with their studies. Around middle school is when students start to learn different languages, mathematics, start doing English essays and explore more complex ideas in different fields of science. Around this time, middle schoolers have a little more understanding of the value of an electronic device but can still be reckless, so here are some mid-range options:

1. iPad Air 32GB 7th Gen $529

Apple has been in the tablet game for quite some time now. There have been countless versions released but for middle school students, the iPad Air is a clear choice. It’s incredibly light – hence the ‘Air’ – and it’s one of the cheaper models that Apple has released, making it more affordable. While you are paying for a premium with Apple, compared to other brands, the capabilities are advanced, so you get what you pay for. The retina display, Touch ID feature and 10 hours of battery life mean your child can securely open it and use it all day at school.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 $1499

While expensive, this Samsung Galaxy Tab is an investment. As middle school studies become harder, this tablet can take your child through middle school, through senior school and even (if they take care of it properly) to university. Unlike some other brands, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 comes with the S Pen so you don’t have to buy it separately. You can watch lectures and write notes at the same time so you can continue with your studies in real-time.

Tablets suitable for senior school and beyond

When it comes to senior school education, the workload and stress ramp up. The English essays are ongoing, you get to choose electives in subjects that you want, analysing history becomes more complex and most subjects need researching or internet access to complete tasks. Typically, software like Blackboard is used as a virtual learning system which allows documents, videos and other teaching material to be uploaded and shared with students, classes and whole schools to keep information in the same place and accessible at all times. Blackboard also can facilitate quizzes and assignment uploads so this is an important place or app that students should have access to. Having a tablet can ensure that students are able to learn anywhere and at any time.

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 i5 128GB $1499

This device is an all-rounder with laptop, studio and tablet modes to enhance your experience depending on whether or not you’re at the office, at school or at relaxing at home. It’s versatile and is able to multitask with its powerful processor and long-lasting battery power. The only catch is – you have to purchase the keyboard, pen and mouse separately.

2. Apple iPad Pro From $1329

Similar to the Surface Pro, the iPad Pro can be made to look and feel like a laptop with the detachable keyboard. With iCloud capabilities, your data is stored online so they are always in one place and easily accessible. The App Store also has a huge, and we mean HUGE, range of apps that can help with learning, productivity and studying. With electives in science, you can easily take notes on your iPad with the Apple Pencil and draw chemical compounds, charts and make notes on reports. If you’re more creative, download design apps like Photoshop to truly transform your artistic abilities and use the iPad like you’re drawing on a canvas. If you head to the Apple website, they also have a whole section on ‘Tools for Teaching’ and support if you’re needing help navigating your tablet!

A TCM tip

Say you purchase a tablet for your child for Junior School learning but they’re about to enter Middle School, you’ll typically find that your child will need a higher processor or bigger tablet to enable them to complete harder tasks to help them with assignments or research. In this instance, what do you do with your old device? The Computer Market can actually purchase these old devices from you and help recycle the materials or re-sell them to someone else who wants to buy an affordable device. This makes a lot of sense if you’ll eventually need to upgrade a Middle School level device to a device suited for High School learning with more GB storage or more complex capabilities. Selling and buying from TCM not only saves you money but also helps the environment too!

Happy to sell old devices but aren’t sure if buying second-hand is for you? Second-hand and refurbished devices are as good as new at TCM. As a certified company, we are experienced at remarketing, recycling, IT servicing and a range of other computer services. We can assure that our products are reconfigured to high-quality standards and come with a seven-day money-back guarantee. Check out our article on busting myths about refurbished electronics! For all other enquiries, call us on 1300 888 448 or visit us in store today!

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