5 Ways to Preserve your Laptops Battery Life

It happens to the best of us. You take two calculators and five pens to the meeting; but forget your laptop charger. Or you’ve chosen an outlet-free to try and finish off that crucial paper. You frantically pound the keys like you’ve never typed before to try and beat your fast-dwindling power, periodically staring hopelessly at the flashing beacon of battery demise.

Tips to Preserve your Battery Life

It doesn’t have to be quite so dramatic. You don’t need to go out and sell your laptop. Here are some helpful hints to preserve your laptop battery and your composure.

  1. Power savvy settings: Turn off the keyboard backlighting; you can usually assign a hotkey to do this. Where possible, adjusting your screen resolution and brightness can save significant battery power in the short term also.
  2. Long-term solutions; defrag, dust & de-clutter: Regularly defragmenting your hard drive decreases the amount of time required to find your data. Messy data is the result of adding, moving and removing files over time and a defrag is the tech version of re-organising your wardrobe. Keep your workspace dust and clutter free. Ensure there’s good airflow and ventilation for your laptop to avoid your system and battery overheating. Don’t be tempted to use your laptop in bed, reserve that time for sleeping…or your iPad. Blankets and pillows are major heat retention culprits.
  3. Upgrade; add RAM and subtract hard drive: Upgrading to an SSD and losing the ‘disk spinning’ hard drive altogether, you’ll not only save energy, you’ll also have a faster, more efficient system. Adding more RAM will reduce the hard drive use and lesson the power guzzle.
  4. Ditch unnecessary apps and processes: Found in the task manager under the processes tab, you may be surprised at how many apps are running in the background. Disable the non-essentials to save precious juice.
  5. Make sure you have backup: If you encounter this problem often, don’t torture yourself. Carry a spare battery or an external battery pack. An External battery pack plugs in to your laptop just as your charger does; but it comes with adapters compatible with many alternative laptop models and can even be used for your phone or tablet.”

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