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Returning to work after the holidays can feel rough; after all the eating, relaxing, and enjoying spare time on the couch, you’ve officially slipped into holiday mode, and from there, reprogramming your brain into work mode is like pushing a car in neutral. One sure-fire way of getting the office enthused is a good old office spruce-up. An office upgrade can be just the motivation everyone needs to get stuck right back into work. Using old furniture and tech can be frustrating; when things start breaking or freezing, it’s not only annoying, but counterproductive to running an efficient office. So, why work in a dull, uninspiring, dysfunctional space when you can work in a modern, creative office space?

So, are you ready for a revamp? To help you plan your new office, we’ve got design ideas to help you nail the modern, contemporary office space of the future. This kind of space is not only inspiring, but is functional – it meets all the needs of your employees and helps them work to their full potential. It’s amazing what an impact an office space has on workability. In fact, office design can have an enormous effect on whether a person accepts a job or not. In one study, 46% of professionals indicated that good office design has a strong impact on their decision to accept a job offer, and 75% of professions indicated that good office design makes them feel valued as employees.

To help you map out your upgrade, we’ve broken down an office revamp in two key steps: firstly, nailing the basics of an office, and then the fun part, dressing it up. Keeping in mind that an office upgrade can become quite costly, we’ve also got ideas for optimising your budget while revamping an office. Continue reading for our easy-peasy guide to office design.

Step 1: Nail the basics

Out with the old (tech), and in with the new…

Undoubtedly, the most important part of any office is the tech. There aren’t many paper-based offices these days, and an office simply cannot function without tech anymore. Computer equipment, laptops, and tablets are simply vital. Older technology starts to lag after a while. Computers may start running slower, and parts might start to wear or break off. Is your computer’s start up taking longer than making your morning cup of coffee? Are you finding your computer keys starting to get stuck or wobbly? These hindrances are incredibly distracting and frustrating. Not to mention, old tech can make an office space appear more archaic and dull. If this is your current office situation, it’s time. Establish a budget and invest into the future of your office.

Have no idea which brand to go with for your new office computers? We’ve got some articles that may help you decide. Read our comparison of Apple vs Dell products, and our guide of the best HP laptops suitable for office use.

You’ve already got new tech in mind? That’s great! One step closer to the office of your dreams. Now onto the removal of your old tech… How do you dispose of it? Where will it go? Well, at The Computer Market, we specifically help in that department. To help you get rid of unwanted office equipment and save unnecessary e-waste from ending up in landfills, we have a Trade Your IT service. This involves us taking old equipment off your hands and replacing it with cash. You get a little extra money for your upgrade, and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve spared extra junk from ending up in landfills. For example, did you know you can sell your old Cisco equipment to The Computer Market? If you’d like to know more about our IT purchasing services, get in touch with us anytime.


upgrading office equipment

Upgrading on a budget?

Buying new office equipment ain’t cheap. It’s often the most expensive part of an office upgrade – unless you’re really into decor. One way to save yourself some extra pennies on your refurb is to buy second hand equipment. We know, you just sold off your used equipment – why would you buy more used equipment? Second hand or refurbished equipment often gets a bad rap, but there’s nothing wrong with buying borrowed. In fact, there are many advantages to buying refurbished equipment.

  • Repaired and tested
  • Guaranteed to work
  • Old slowing parts have been replaced
  • Cheaper
  • Still quite new
  • Recycling is better for the planet


Firstly, second hand office equipment is typically restored before selling. Old parts of the computer that may be lagging or that have stopped functioning are removed and replaced with new parts. IT specialists will work to make sure the used tech is performing like new by running tests. This isn’t the case with new tech, which is just expected to work. And obviously, one of the greatest benefits is the highly discounted price of used tech. Ultimately, you’re buying computers and devices that aren’t all that old and have been refurbished to work like new, and you’re paying a fraction of the cost. Why not go refurbished? You’ll also be doing the environment a great service.

Want to know more about buying refurbished electronics? Read more about the advantages here.

Feeling a solid connection?

What’s the use of tech without the internet? One simply cannot go without the other.
Before you hack into your office’s interior, check for the following:

  • Is everyone able to connect to the internet?
  • Are there any drop out spots?
  • Is the connection slow?
  • Does the connection slow down after a certain point in the month?
  • Does the connection sometimes drop out?


Slow connections may indicate a need for a larger bandwidth. Frequent drop outs may indicate problems with the modem or router. If you’re having any troubles, call up your internet provider to organise a service or discuss upgrading your plan.

Other basic office components

So, we’ve knocked off the two most important elements of an office, but there are other key components that you can’t plan an office without. These items are necessary in the daily workings of an office space and should be incorporated into the budget of an office design. Of course, a lot of established offices will already have these things. That being said, every now and again it’s good to swap out the old for the new – you’ll be surprised how much excitement new stationary brings. So, here are the other office essentials.

  • Kitchen supplies
  • Printers and photocopiers
  • Computer software
  • Office supplies and stationary
  • Furniture
  • Waste disposal and recycling


colour in office design

Step 2: Dress it up

Sustainability is the future

Now we’ve come to the fun part, for most people anyway. You’ve got a blank canvas to work with and you get to choose a style or theme to work around for your office design. An emerging trend for office spaces, as we move into the future and environmental concerns are at the forefront of global issues, is incorporating sustainable practices into office design. By no means does this mean attempting to transform your office into a carbon neutral, self-sustained, biodiverse habitat (unless you want to?), but rather it means adding elements of sustainability to your office space. For example, you can incorporate organic, vegan or recycled fabrics and materials in your furniture choices. Or, simply change your candescent lights to LED lights to save energy and time replacing your light bulbs.

Here are some other tips…

  • Using natural materials in furniture and interior design
  • Fix leaky taps to save water
  • Turn off or unplug unused appliances to save power
  • Invest in solar panels
  • Choose energy efficient products
  • Switch off lights if unnecessary
  • Recycle: waste paper, bottles, cans, electronics.
  • Print only when necessary
  • Hold phone or video conferences over in-person meetings
  • Encourage telecommuting
  • Buy healthy work snacks
  • Create sustainability initiatives in the workplace


The benefits of creating a sustainable workplace reach far beyond helping the planet. With a growing need for businesses to consider their corporate social responsibility, there is market value in being sustainable. In fact, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2008 study found that companies that paid the most attention to sustainability issues had the highest growth in share-price value between 2005 and 2007. So, going green can mean making more green. Get ahead of the trend while you can!

Life in colour

Who ever thought dull greys and neutral beiges were inspiring? They’re a bit boring if anything. I mean sure, they go with everything; they’re the safe option, but they eliminate the life and vibrancy from an office. As interior design becomes more and more important than ever in office design, choices in colour, pattern, and theme matter.

Bold colours in particular have become a recent trend in office design. Choosing one or two bold colours to feature around your office will give it a pop of colour and life. Add in geometric shapes and patterns for an art deco look, or soft, rounded shapes for a more luxurious style. However you choose to go with the colour and pattern, it’ll be a refreshing update from the clinical white and grey.

office furniture and design

Unfamiliar spaces 

Aside from your desk space and the occasional meeting in the conference room, there isn’t many places to work in an office. Getting stuck in the one area can feel confining and uninspiring. That’s why many interior designers have begun including extra office spaces in office design. For example, some offices have begun introducing private spaces where individuals in an office can work uninterrupted and with added privacy. 

Other modern office spaces include…

  • Creating an overall inclusive space, tailoring the office to individuals’ needs.
  • Creating an outdoor environment with plant life and a sitting areas for employees to work in a natural environment
  • Creating a collaborative space where groups can work creatively with some privacy 
  • Comfortable spaces such as lounge areas give employees a place where they can get comfortable and away from their desk

Nearly Furnished 

Before we’re ‘furnished’ talking about office design, it’s important to talk about furniture. It plays a crucial part in office comfort and can make a huge impact in the health and wellbeing of employees. Years of sitting in an office in a poorly designed chair can have detrimental effects on employee posture. Apart from choosing furniture is comfortable and that will enable employees to work flexibly, it’s important to choose furniture that is tech-friendly. 

Office furniture of the future is lightweight, moveable, and multifunctional. It is also built to work with tech. For example, many people enjoy the standing desk for its ability to transform in height and let employees stretch their legs. Many modern office desks also enable the plugging-in of devices. Take your office furniture into 2020 with these improvements and enjoy the added health benefits!

Feeling inspired and ready for an office revamp? We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and take some of them into consideration when planning your office design. If you’re all revamped and in need of advice regarding office IT, we can help. Read about the latest trends in cloud computing here

The Computer Market buys, refurbishes, and sells used electronics to various sectors, saving many companies money on new, expensive equipment. To hear more about The Computer Market’s IT Trading services, contact them on 1300 888 448.

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