What to Look for When Buying a Used Computer

Used Laptops

If you are just starting out in life or college purchasing a new computer may be beyond your means. The alternative is to look for used computersor refurbished bargains to fill that empty backpack.

Refurbished is often a better deal because they have been checked out and restored to their newest possible condition. However, used may cost even less, so it’s all a matter of how fat your wallet is.

The first thing you need to decide is what functions will be required. If the plan is just for writing or playing a few games and emails, you can get away with about 2GB 1GHz. On the other hand, if the usage is upgraded to Office, downloading software and more don’t settle for less than 4GB and 2ghz. Used computers that fit your needs are out there, just know what is needed.

Laptops are great because they are portable, but most of the older models have limited battery life issues. Check the price of a replacement and how much life there is remaining on the current one. Look for the slot where an AC adapter could be used if needed. A Dead laptop is no better than no laptop.

The CPU or centre processing unit controls the speed of processing for the operating system. Slowing may be a result of the limits of the clock speed of the CPU. Purchasing a better or newer processor is an option, but the costs are hacking away at your savings.

The processor unit cannot be upgraded like RAM, so know what the operating system is. What is the bit system 32 or 64? If it’s 32, it cannot utilize more than 4B of RAM. The 64 bit can use all the ram one person can purchase. Buying a used computerwith 32 bits may be useless or too expensive to fix.

A quick method to identify if more memory is needed is to look at the task manager. Go to the performance tab- it will spit out a number that denotes the amount of physical memory is in current use. If the number is near 100, it needs more ram.

Memory is equivalent to speed, for this reason, many outdated laptops are too slow to enjoy playing games on, the same with desktops.If there are no unused slots to add memory, pass it up. Keep searching for the right used laptop shows up.

There are a few things every used computer should have to meet the basic needs. Sound and video cards, they don’t all come with those. Know what the hard drive capacity is, and what operating system it uses. If it’s an unknown system, it may be tough to get used to.

Check out the screen, turn it on, wait a while to see if it has uneven lighting or it flickers. The flicker can be an indication of a serious problem that cannot be repaired. Don’t forget to test the ports, and cd drive, they are often the points of contention in used computers.

When the deal of the century is found, jump on it, but before handing over, the cash -ask for a few necessary goodies. The software codes, passwords, and any other applicable documents. The operating manual if available, and ask if there is any time left on the warranty that can be transferred.

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