Project Scorpio and the PS5- What We Know Now

Gamers better buckle up and get ready for incredible acceleration! Microsoft’s E3 recently proclaimed project Scorpio would be the most formidable and powerful console available, and so far the pundits mostly agree!

Project Scorpio

Game Changing
In fact, experts believe this product is equivalent to the final curtain for traditional consoles and the beginning of a whole new world in gaming. The future appears to be creating a generational community of integrated devices. That means you won’t have to throw out what you have they will work together and better!

Exclusivity is in question
The initial rollout indicated there would not be games designed exclusively for Project Scorpio. However, they are now singing a new tune. It seems the game developers might do what they want and reap a few bucks on unique games.

Performance Where It Counts
One feature is the processor features 64 compute units for improved streaming. This number is estimated to deliver a clock speed between 800 and 850MHz, now that’s fast. Scorpio also has bumped up its bandwidth to 320GB/s throughout, that means rapid file processing.

Speaking of memory-Scorpio has 12 memory chips minimally on the motherboard. In addition to the 100GB/s of more bandwidth, it includes 4GB of onboard RAM and 8 CPU cores. All this information translates into significantly improved detailing, higher resolutions all at the speed of light. (comparatively speaking)

The technological advancements everyone has been dreaming about is suddenly here. Hopefully, gamers have been saving their golden pennies as they don’t come cheap!

Now let’s take a look at the PS5.


It seems the brightest and boldest designers have unleashed their most imaginative ideas for the PS5. If only one of the newest technological ideas is implemented the power alone will be mind boggling.

The release date is set a bit into the future on February 15, 2020, but boy is it worth the wait. Some decisions are still not firmed up, like if there will be a cloud-based console without a physical one.

New Probabilities
Most of the information is speculative at this point. However, the experts are taking their cues from a few well-placed leaks. New technology that replaces electrons with photons or wiring with waveguides is already in the works in the UK. It is no coincidence that this will be available in 2020 also!

The optical computing, as it’s known, uses exaflops, units that execute a billion floating point calculations per second. One exaflop is equal to one thousand petaflops. It literally is as fast as the speed of light, in fact, is uses light rather than electricity. A healthy combination of two technologies is expected.

New Concept Designs
One of the most amazing proposals is a cloud-based console, no disc drive or hardware console. It’s called the Levitating PS5 Console with Touch Screen Dualshock 5 Controller which is a sophisticated device that handles it all. The cloud-based console could employ wireless technology that far exceeds Wi-Fi as we know it. Cloud would also include the QRAM which allows for seamless streaming.

The new controller model is more ergonomic and has a touch screen added to it. Rapid wireless charging is another new welcome addition that gamers will love. The controller and the console will be able to project manipulative holographic images for motion gaming.

The designers are asking what gamers want or prefer. The price is of course not even a twinkle in their eyes yet. However, cheap does not come to mind.

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