Where Do I Sell My Old Electronics

The moment you hold that new iPhone in your hand and it instantly wraps around your fingers perfectly. AH! What a satisfying feeling. But now that you have got your new phone, have you thought of what you’ll be doing with your old phone?

In the age of technology, all electronic devices have some worth even after being used – given they still work and are compatible with the latest operating system. Selling your old electronics is always a good way to receive some money back from something that is just collecting dust in your home. The best place to sell it and help the environment is by selling it to someone who is either going to use it, or, safely dispose of it. There are two main ways you can go about selling your old electronics. Locally or online.

Here are the top 10 ways you can sell your old electronics!

1. Gumtree

Cut out the middleman and sell your old devices locally and directly. Gumtree is a great online platform for you to list devices you are looking to sell. The best part? It’s FREE to advertise your items. Bet that word caught your eye didn’t it? You do have the option of advertising your listing by paying a little to get your ad on top of the site if you are looking to sell your tech as soon as possible. The best thing about Gumtree is that, because you are selling locally, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of going to the post office to ship it off. And if you have listed your item for pick-up, you won’t even have to leave your house to get the cash! Let everyone else do the work for you. AH-MAZING!

2. eBay

That’s right! We are taking you right to the hub of online sales. Individual sellers, buyers, agents, brands etc. Everyone is on eBay! You can’t pay for that kind of audience! There are many ways you can go about selling your electronics on eBay. The eBay online auction site is a popular place to sell used items as it attracts hundreds of millions of active users at a time. eBay has made selling your electronics online a fairly easy and trustworthy medium. All you have to do, from the comfort of your home, is upload clear photos and a description of the device. Once that is done, you need to put in the proposed price you will be selling it for and include shipping costs. There are many different ways you can enlist the price as well. For example, you could put it up for auction with a starting price, or you could put up your desired price but enable negotiations on eBay. Both of these options are handy tactics for those looking to sell their device ASAP.

The downside to selling through eBay are the fees charged for the process. There is an online eBay fee calculator which you can use to get an idea of how much you would be making in total from selling your device. However, if your device is in good condition and you list it for a higher price, you may be able to make more than any other online or trade-in site.

3. Facebook Marketplace

The Gumtree of Facebook. Facebook Marketplace has had a massive growth spurt in the last few years and has quickly become an easy way to sell things via Facebook. Its reach is enormous and no matter what you are looking to sell, you can be sure it will be up for grabs. If not, at least you won’t have to spend any money at all trying to sell it off. The best thing about selling putting up a listing on Facebook Marketplace is that you can tailor your settings to enable access to different groups of people, allowing you to target your listings to specified groups. It is also a great way to create a private sale where only your friends will be able to see the listing. Looks like Facebook is doing everything it can to stay at the top of the market!

4. Trusted Online Buyers

If you were to google search, “sell my phone online”, you would be greeted with an endless (and when I say endless I mean ENDLESS) number of online sites that buy second hand electronics and transfer you the money for it the day after they receive the device. Most online buyers offer free postage and send you packaging to post your device in. Sounds like a neat trick doesn’t it? However with this method, it is important to verify that the buyer you are selling it to is a trusted buyer. There aren’t many online buyers that you can trust. Even if they are a legitimate business, they may take a much longer time to review the condition of the device before sending payment. The last thing you’d want is sending your phone away and waiting for money that may never be credited into your account.

5. The Trading Post

Trusted Online Buyers

The Trading Post is another great place to list your old electronics. The Trading Post is a site that allows you to sell literally anything you want, from electronics to even pets! You can list your devices for free for a price range of up to $500. The downside to using this site is that it can take a while before you hear back from someone about your listing. It also doesn’t have as much customisation options or wiggle-room unlike sites such as eBay.

6. Local Electronic Stores

If you are one of those who is still pretty weary of selling stuff online, you can always try going to a second-hand electronics store. This cuts out any and all hassle related to online selling and postage.To find an electronic store that buys second hand devices, all you have to do is a little Google search to have a look at the reviews, ratings and location of different places. Many electronics stores don’t buy second hand electronics and only offer disposal or they only buy specific second hand electronics. So make sure to keep an eye-out and ensure the electronic store you are after will definitely buy your device. You can do this by either visiting their website or simply giving them a call. If you know the make and model of your device the store may even be able to give you a price estimate of how much you can sell it for. After this, all you have to do is drive to your chosen second hand electronics store to get your device converted to cash straight away. At The Computer Market, we try to give you the best price possible, and if you are still unsure of something, our team will always be happy to help.

7. Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are an easy, no brainer way of disposing off your tech for a reasonable-ish price. If your main concern is safely getting rid of your tech rather than getting its best worth out of it, pawn shops such as Cash Converters could be the place for you. These places offer to either mortgage your device or simply sell them for an extremely low price. The good thing though about pawn shops is that they are easy to find as they have multiple locations all over the city and suburbs, therefore making it an extremely quick an easy way to get rid of your device.

8. A Garage Sale

What’s the purpose of selling your tech? Whether it is because you are moving houses and do not want to take junk with you or because you have caught the Marie Kondo fever and are looking to start fresh, a garage sale is a good way to get rid of old electronics and heaps of other items too. The best way to go about a garage sale is either by having one yourself and informing as many people as possible, or by being part of someone else’s garage sale. If you know a neighbour who is about to have a garage sale, it may be worth asking them if you could sell your items along with theirs. If not, here is a little article from WikiHow that will equip you on how you can hold a garage sale of your own to make the most money out of your items.  

9. A Rummage Sale

A Garage Sale

Rummage sales are a common occurrence in Brisbane. Suitcase rummage sales, second hand market sales and more. People often have a rummage sale when they have to get rid of house items that are of no use to them anymore. (I mean it’s either a rummage sale or going for the classic “leaving your stuff on the footpath and hoping someone takes it”). All over Australia Rummage sales take place every 2 weeks and is a great way to sell your second hand electronics along with anything else you didn’t need anymore! All you have to do is a quick Google or Facebook search to find one happening near you. There usually is a small fee for bringing your items to sell, however if you successfully sell most of what you wanted to, you will definitely be leaving with more money, having sold more than you thought you could. The best thing about rummage sales is its popularity all over Australia. Aside from garage sales, it is also the only means of selling your device to the customer personally yourself. So, if you have a knack for social interaction and persuading customers, this may be a way for you to sell your old electronics.

10. Local Classified Advertisements

Just like newspapers, while they may not be used often they are definitely still available. Listing your second hand item in local classifieds is still a classic way to sell whatever you want. If you have not really had the best luck selling your phone through any other means, or if you are looking to sell locally and not online, local classifieds is a good place to start. You may never know, the classifieds may be where your luck shines.


Why not do the environmentally conscious thing and carefully dispose off of your old and used electronics at an electronics shop where they ensure safe disposal? It is extremely important for electronics to be disposed of in the right way so it doesn’t harm or damage the environment in any way. At The Computer Market, no matter the condition of your tech, we will take it in and make sure it is disposed off the most earth-friendly way while offering you the best buying price we can. Contact us today to get a quote on your tech!

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