Support for Windows 7 is ending 14th January 2020. It is your last chance to get ROI on your equipment before it becomes e-waste.

After January 14th, 2020, Windows 7 will come to its End of Support and therefore no further security fixes or vulnerability patches will be made available for PCs running Windows 7, leaving systems and networks at severe risk.

As recommended by Microsoft themselves, people who are still using Windows 7 should consider upgrading to Windows 10 – Microsoft’s latest, most powerful and secure operating system, which offers an array of features fit for all types of businesses and organisations, including education.

The benefits of Windows 10:

  • Intelligent security – Protecting against threats and attacks.
  • Simplified updates – Monthly updates guarantees the latest features and protection.
  • Flexible management – On-premises or cloud-based device management.
  • Enhanced productivity – Modern tools and features to help with collaboration and efficiency.
  • Simplicity and familiarity – Reflecting the Windows 7 operating system people know and love

What does that mean for IT asset managers? 

For many enterprises, nothing will change immediately.  However, over the next 12 months, new hardware and Windows 10 may be part of the plan, particularly if your PCs, laptops and notebooks were deployed in 2012 or earlier. Software Asset Managers (SAMs) and Hardware Asset Managers (HAMs) could be very busy over the next year or two just with this transition.

From an asset disposition and value recovery perspective, a mass migration to new hardware typically means that prices for used machines will drop.  So if you expect to do a desktop or laptop refresh – with or without Windows 10 – don’t accumulate the decommissioned devices for very long.  Work with your ITAD partner to get them collected and refurbished so you can maximize the value you receive.

To learn more about current resale values and best practices on IT Asset Disposition, contact an ITAD expert now!

IT Recycling and Secure Data Disposal & Destruction from TCM

The fast-evolving technology landscape, teamed with the immense pressures on organisations to adopt greener processes, means many are faced with the challenge of disposing of their out-dated tech to stay ahead, whilst still ensuring sustainable operations to minimise their impact on the planet.

But as protecting your data has never been more important, when choosing an IT asset disposal partner, you’ll need a trustworthy vendor to take away not only your surplus electronics, but the stress and concern of whether your data has been securely erased.

Our fully accredited IT recycling facility will ensure your devices are disposed of to the highest security standards, so your data stays yours.

And as sustainability is one of our core business values, we’re committed to ensuring all of our operations contribute to a better environment, so we ensure nothing is wasted with our commitment to zero landfill. That way you know your old data-bearing equipment is safely disposed with the sanctity of our planet in mind.

We’ll handle the whole process, from start to finish, with complete traceability along the way.

Benefits of ITAD with TCM

As an industry leader since 1997, we provide the best value for your surplus and used assets allowing your organization to maximize its budget and save on resources that drive your business forward.

  • Increase space in your warehouse, storage room, or data centre
  • Extra money to fund your next project or purchase
  • Create a credit account to purchase new equipment
  • Keep hazardous materials from ending up in landfills.

We will simplify everything by managing the logistics and coordination, as well as handling all shipping charges. We will arrange quick payment and you can regain some space in your office or warehouse.

  • Over 20 years of recycling and data destruction experience
  • Streamlined documented processes – We do all the work
  • Secure Shipping Solutions
  • Complete data destruction and certification services
  • Eco-friendly recycling for the end of life, non-value equipment
  • One location or multiple locations – We handle 1 box to full containers
  • Compliant processes – DoD, NIST, ISO, PCI, etc.
  • Full chain of custody, accounting, and detailed reporting
  • Donation Services – Designate any charity for the value to be donated to

While companies try to reduce costs, equipment vendors continue racing to innovate and sell the newest and brightest technology.  Many businesses do invest to stay competitive – which means more and more IT assets are retired faster and faster. We are here to provide the information and services you need to easily and securely navigate these processes. You provide the list, we do all the work, and you receive the rewards. It’s a win-win situation.


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